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The ability to make insightful decisions about people is today's most enduring source of competitive advantage.
Executive Search - concentrates on helping clients achieve this advantage through the identification, assessment and recruitment of the world's most talented business leaders.

On the surface, our executive search process resembles others. However, new clients usually discover the experience of working with JMJ HR Solutions to be different. A flavor of that experience is described below.

Pinpointing your needs
Our briefing meeting is the start of an emotional commitment to complete the work with professional excellence. It begins with a rich discussion of the critical business issues that the recruitment will address and the essential requirements of the position.

Next, our consultants qualify the behavioral characteristics that the best candidates will require to succeed in the future role. The consultants will also review critical incidents as well as the competencies required to successfully navigate through the situations the candidate will most likely encounter on the job.

Finding the best
Consultants identify candidates from three sources: their own professional networks and relationships, those of their worldwide colleagues, and systematic research. The consultants' own ideas will stem from their knowledge of your sector or function and their experience in executive search.

Approaching candidates
Given the background and seniority of our consultants, most candidates feel the people approaching them are peers in the business world and usually value their insight and advice; the high quality of the dialogue between our consultants and candidates greatly increases the prospect of attracting the best talent to our client organizations. Indeed, our commitment to managing long-term candidate relationships further strengthens this bond and enhances our access to top talent for our clients.

Assessing the "how"
Our consultants focus on the "how" questions, following our competency-based interviewing model. Answers to these questions can be windows into the individual's behavioral characteristics, enabling sensitive judgment of the candidate's ability to perform in the job and adapt to the client organization and culture.

Ensuring closure
The second major point of leverage in a search is converting a mutual "fit" into an actual hiring. Since our consultants invest in the relationship with candidates through every step of the search process, they are better able to monitor and address concerns about the job or the practical and personal aspects of transitioning as they arise, minimizing barriers to closure at the final stage of a search.

Our enduring responsibility
Our consultants are passionate about assuring that hired candidates make a positive impact that exceeds our clients' expectations. We follow up with candidate and client at regular intervals to check on performance and fit.

The consultants' diligence in this regard stems not only from professional pride but also from their long-term outlook toward clients and candidates. This continuing bond with candidates and clients is one of the reasons that more than two-thirds of our assignments are repeat engagements for existing clients.

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