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A. Recruitment methods

Initial Level Screening
The resource which are coming up for the requirement may be of various levels, kinds etc. we undertake responsibility in screening the candidates on various parameters like,

1. Communication level and suitability for the organization

2. Degree of education and his understanding of subjects.

3. Authenticity of his proofs and work experience

4. Suitability for the requirement

So that we ensure we send the right candidate for the right job at right time.

Time Frame
We have fixed the Turnaround time for requirements or delivery of projects is the key parameter for evaluation for the employee of JMJ HR Solutions. We have a policy of not exceeding the time limit or time frame, So we maintain and aim at focusing high turnaround time and appraise them. It is a non ending continuous process that At critical times we are the best to be relied on. we ensure that we stick to the time limit and be productive to the core.

Executive Search
JMJ HR Solutions vision is to partner with premier clients with the intention of providing value-added Executive Search services and graduating to a 'preferred' or 'first-choice' status with a majority of the organizations that we are servicing.
We sincerely believe that Executive Search is about People. The ability to translate this simple belief into focused service offerings has enabled JMJ HR Solutions to create an impact in the Executive Search industry.

Campus Interviews
JMJ HR Solutions Campus Services is specialized in conducting campus interviews, we have trained professionals in recruiting young minds from colleges based on the required parameters.

We conduct written test at the venue, Conduct Group discussions, interviews etc to shortlist.
We assist in Promoting the event and support the companies in conducting successful campus interviews.

Head Hunt
One of the strengths of our client-centric service is the quality of candidates we can source. Before the search begins for the right employee to fit the vacancy, research begins on the client's own company.

By assessing the ethos and culture of the host company, we are able to add a third dimension to the candidate profile enabling us to further qualify the suitability of the candidate.
Our unique methods involve targeted headhunting rather than database referral, which from a quality aspect, provides our clients with an extraordinary level of service and excellent results.

Job Fair Management
Offering instant recruitment options, Job fairs act as a powerful branding opportunity for corporate.JMJ HR Solutions provides an opportunity to bridge the huge gap between job seekers looking for the "right" job and corporates looking for the "perfect" candidates.

JMJ HR Solutions helps IT/ITES Companies and non professionals recruitment process by getting various employers and candidates together under the same roof to evaluate each other for the purpose of filling job vacancies " The fair reduces hiring time and cost per hire considerably.

B. Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)
Our Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) services allow clients to focus on its core business. We bring to bear an entire Internal recruiting infrastructure, the people, process and resources. Clients are benefited from hiring process that is more predictable, consistent and efficient. We can help you to reduce your recruitment cost and time by 80%. We have expertise in providing a range of professional Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) services globally.

Why JMJ Placements

• A large group of candidates meeting your requirement

• Regular status updates

• Candidate quality and skill check before interview

• Access to all major job boards

A JMJ placement supplements in-house recruitment capabilities or takes responsibility for the entire operation on a project.
Our highly experienced recruiters are hard at work for you.

Once they are immersed in your company's philosophies, your recruiting goals become theirs. From primary candidate contact all the way to negotiating with a new hire, our recruiters offer vital support to hiring managers and HR business partners. With our recruiters dealing with the details, hiring managers have the time to focus on their business.
Our recruiters are equipped with access to major resume databases, job sites and powerful resume sourcing software to locate passive candidates.

Though you do not have access to resume databases, there is no need to worry as our Recruiters have access to most of the databases, which lower your cost of hiring process. RPO will cost you a fraction of what is spent on internal recruitment.

What can our Recruiter do for you?
Our Recruiter will work full time recruiter for your company (doing all the work that you would expect a recruiter to do)

Search: For resume to fill the existing vacancies

Source: Source Passive candidates suitable for the vacant positions

Filter: Scan every resume carefully and pick the best suitable one that matches the existing requirement

Interview: Call the short listed candidates to find out their availability and discuss the vacancy position with them

Tech Check: Our recruiters have formal training in variety of technical skills and they can handle preliminary technical interview

Back Ground check: Execute Back Ground checks and talk to the references

Co-Ordinate: They will co-ordinate with the account managers


• No pay roll expense

• No need to pay for extra benefits

• No need of office space to accommodate the recruiter

• No phone bill (your monthly fees includes that)

• Easy access to major resume databases

• No commitments or long term contracts

• Excellent opportunity to hire an assistant recruiter if you are deluged with work

• Our Recruiter do all the back end work ensures that you can concentrate more on your business-making new clients, getting more job orders and so on

• Resumes received will be scrutinized; (personal contact and information verification by the recruiter)

• Allows your recruiting staff to focus on interviewing, qualifying and hiring the best talent, rather than time- consuming resume searching

• Provide hiring officials with technically matching candidates

• Save money by eliminating the need to evaluate and pay for costly resume databases

• Save even more money by reducing the need to hire, train, develop and maintain a highly skilled Internet Recruiting Staff.

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